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I went to my first audition at the age of 47. Eighty plays later, I'm still passionate about acting! I love comedy and drama.

Height: 5'1"

Hair Color: Red

Eyes Color: Brown

Location: New York, NY

Nonunion, SAG-eligible

Photo: Chris Macke

About Me


Selected Roles 

Verse DiVerse | Theater For the New City | 2022


The Merry Wives of Windsor | American Theatre of Actors | 2022

Mistress Ford

Elizabeth Cady Stanton / Ensemble

Aunt Susan and Her Tennessee Waltz | Theater For the New City | 2022


Run the Course | American Theatre of Actors | 2022

No Fall My Hand | Powerstories Theatre | 2021



Don't Stand Up! | Rochester Fringe Festival | 2021​

Au Bois | Strawberry One-Act Festival | 2019


After the Wake | American Theatre of Actors | 2019


The Bare Truth | American Theatre of Actors | 2019


The Cover of Life | Gene Frankel Theatre | 2018

Aunt Ola

Greta Garbo

The Star | Producers Club | 2018

Family Matters | American Theatre of Actors | 2016​



Stillwater | Hudson Guild | 2016

Lend Me a Tenor | Spotlight Players | 2000


Miss Reardon

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little | Arena Players | 2000

Don't Drink the Water | The Stage | 2003


Dora / Topsy

Waiting in the Wings | Ivy Lane Players | 2001

The Dining Room | JoLyn Theatre Company | 2002

10 Characters


Forty-Five Seconds from Broadway| Lantern Theatre | 2004


Run the Course: "Out of all the actors, Amy Losi is a standout as Anita, with both the actress and the character taking control as the most dynamic presence...[she] presents herself as a class act and still gains sympathy from the audience."
        -- Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark Media

The Cover of Life: "Losi as Aunt Ola is marvelously complex as a matriarch who, having already raised a family of boys, now is told she must lead a family of girls while her husband lays dying. She has 46 years of emotions that she has almost never shared, and you can see her boiling, even when she is smiling over homemade cornbread."

Stillwater: "In a challengingly unsympathetic and unglamorous role, it’s a testament to Amy Losi’s acting ability that she gives a commanding performance even though her character Lette-May never gets out of bed."            -- Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark Media

Family Matters: "Losi showed true command of the stage by creating layers of tension and bitterness, unearthing each at prime moments, just like desserts, unplated."
                            --Amy Frateo, Outerstage

Merry Wives: "Amy Losi was a worthy adversary for Falstaff with her cunning portrayal of Mistress Ford."

                        --Jen Bush, Arts Independent


Celebrity Ghost Stories | Lifetime | 2013​

Marlee Matlin's neighbor

Nurse Doris

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations | Travel Channel | 2011​

The Unlovables | Episode 4 | 2010

Acting Student


Frank and Edna Take on LeMans | Lost & Found Prod. | 2022



Shadows of Life | AML | 2012

Transitions | London Film Company | 2009​

Train Passenger


Sinai Funeral Chapels | 24 DP | TV and Radio

Principal and Voice over for radio spot


Januvia | Draft FCB | Media campaign

Gameday | Major League Baseball | Commercial

Boss/Angry fan


Pass the  Popcorn | Oktane Media | Web campaign

". . . an army of fine character actors who can bring to life myriad characters on the legendary ATA stages. Amy Losi is a leader in that army. The comic character actress who can turn to drama on-a-dime . . . is a staple member of the American Theatre of Actors." -- Women in the Arts

". . . there are some stage celebs in the cast. Veteran actress of the stage and of the American Theatre of Actors . . . Amy Losi." -- Artist Spotlight: Amy Losi


The Gloria Glitter Show | Broadway Comedy Club NYC 

Sketch comedy, Improv, Weekly live show 2010-2011

Satire Off Broadway | Producers Club NYC

Sketch comedy, multiple characters, 2013

Special Skills

Accents: New York, Brooklyn, Southern, Italian, Jewish, Irish, British, French, German


Atlantic Acting School | Karen Kohlhaas

Monologue Audition and Practical Aesthetics courses

Brooklyn College | Theatre minor

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